College Recruiting Info

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Links discussed at the last recruiting meeting:


1)  NCAA Clearing House (For Eligibility)…Best to fill out by fall of your Junior year


2)   A helpful overall guide for recruiting by Janine Tucker…..the Head Coach at Hopkins……a lot of good information presented a little less formally


3)   Some links I use to go and get info about specific schools


This site takes you to a breakdown by Division…..then Conferences…..then schools.  Quick links take you right to team pages if available


Use Wikipedia to generate a list of which schools have certain majors…..for this one I used the PT example


Another good site to break down majors at schools that are separated into states


4)  A link from Laxpower that lists other links (including the one for Janine Tucker)


5)  Links for College Lacrosse Direct Related Topics/Info             (List of current and past recruits)


6)   Lacrosse Recruiting Info Links from Top Organizations…..IWLCA and US LAX        (Last revised June 15, 2013)


7)   Links for NCAA Recruiting Calendars

Div. 1:

Div. 2:


8)  State of the game articles with regards to recruiting:

(Just an insight into the experiences of others ……..I say recruiting is a journey that you never quite know how it will go.)



9)  Link for IWLCA Recruiting Tool……..$75.00 a year: